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Magan was born in Minneapolis, MN, shortly after her family fled their home in Somalia. Her father named her Magan which means “protection” or ”refuge” because she was born in a place of safety. Ever since, her father has worked hard to protect and provide for her. As the youngest of five and the only girl, Magan is easily frustrated by the restrictions of being the youngest, as well as the strangeness of growing up in a modern country where girls and boys are allowed to pursue similar interests. All Magan wants to do is play soccer with the boys and forget about her hijab, the headscarf modesty dictates she wear at all times in public. Her father is also worried that his kids and a whole generation of his people are losing touch with their native culture and traditions. Magan wants to honor her family but also embrace the country that offered her family a home. Can Magan find a way to embrace both her home country and that of her parents?


  • This 18” doll has beautiful milky brown skin, dark eyes and long curly hair she likes to keep up off her neck.
  • She wears a colourful headscarf most days but sometimes gets by with a wide headband.
  • Magan likes to be out and about wearing skinny jeans with a stylish plaid shirt dress and sporty slip-ons.

Do you want to see a refugee girl as an American Girl doll?

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