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Sara is a beacon of hope in the midst of unexpected change. She was born in Syria but war forced her family to flee, leaving everything behind. After two years in a refugee camp in nearby Lebanon, her family was invited to settle in the United States. They arrived in Milwaukee, WI, a month before her 10th birthday. Now Sara is about to start 4th grade. Making a home in this new city is not easy especially as her parents struggle to make ends meet after being successful doctors back home. But Sara is determined to keep hoping a new beginning is possible. When she left home in Syria, all she had time to grab was her precious collection of seeds she had saved in an old tea box. They reminded her of her grandfather’s garden - and that all things take time to grow given enough care. Sara hopes to plant them and make this new city her home.


  • The 18” doll has warm brown eyes, tan skin and curly dark brown hair styled in a loose, wind-swept braid. She also wears modest gold earrings.
  • Her signature outfit includes a comfortable sweatshirt dress with leggings and black flats. A short jeans jacket keeps off the chill.
  • She keeps her seed collection in an old tea box inside her trusty messenger bag. A colorful headscarf is looped around one end of her bag.

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